Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735

Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735



Size:61.5 MB

Date Added:05 January, 2013

Author: Paraben Corporation

Category: Internet  >  E-Mail



Forensically examine the most popular e-mail formats such as America Online (AOL), Outlook Exchange (PST), Eudora, and many others. Paraben's E-mail Examiner is one of the most comprehensive forensically sound e-mail examination tools available. E-mail Examiner quickly recovers deleted messages and folders. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover e-mail in the deleted folders; it recovers e-mail deleted from deleted items (deleted/deleted).

E-mail Examiner is just one component of P2 Commander, ParabenOCOs comprehensive forensic analysis tool. This means advanced analysis features, easy bookmarking and reporting, advanced Boolean searching, searching within attachments, full Unicode language support, and a familiar and easy-to-use interface. View the Paraben Hard Drive Products Comparison Chart.


TE Back-end database for support of massive amounts of data
TE Multi-threading and task scheduling capabilities to process more data in less time
TE Full Windows 7 compatibility, including UAC and digital signature by Microsoft
TE Completely new easy-to-use registration scheme
TE Special E-mail viewer for viewing e-mails in different formats (RFC Header, Text, RTF, HTML, and Raw HTML)
TE Special Hex and Text viewers for viewing attachments data in hex and text representation
TE The File viewer for viewing attachments of different types (all types of images, *.html, *.doc, etc)
TE The Indexed attachments viewer for selecting thousands attached files from the mail storages and sorting them by file types
TE Bookmarking for easy navigation
TE EXIF data viewer for graphic attachments
TE Adjustable font color and size
TE Deleted data recovery for Outlook (PST), Thunderbird, and The Bat! Mail storages
TE Robust searching and filtering options including multi-encoding support
TE Search within e-mail attachments including search by attachments type
TE Multi-parameter search: search in the text body, text headers, by sender, receiver, date, etc.
TE Regular Expressions search.
TE Ability to search for data without searching for its contents (file name/directory names)

TE Export mail storage contents to EML, EMX, PST, MHTML, and MSG formats
TE Export attachments in their native format
TE Batch export for exporting data from several mail storages simultaneously
TE Print attachments
TE Advanced reporting (HTML, CSV, and Text reports)
TE Attachments sorting by file type
TE P2 Mail consol for easy working with mail storages
TE Analyze file type/file extension mismatch for attachments
TE Completely new registration scheme
TE Font color and size adjustment in interface allows you to make Email Examiner more customizable.
TE Improved search interface for more robust searching.
TE The ability to save Search results has now been added. Now, you can easily access results of any finished search.
TE The Search Results Report has been improved. Search hits text has been added to it to make it more informative.
TE Regular Expressions search engine with multiple templates and the ability to create your own templates.
TE Ability to search for data without searching for its contents.
TE HTML Email Message report allows you to get texts of all messages in one file.
TE Skip list feature allows you to skip unimportant messages/folders/mailboxes in mail storages to make working with them quicker and easier.
Release notes: New Release
TE Signature/extension mismatches analysis
TE Font color and size adjustment in interface
TE Skip list
TE EXIF data viewer
TE Improved search interface
TE Regular Expressions search engine
TE Multi-parameter data filtering based on search engine
TE HTML Email Message report
TE Sorted files viewing for selected folder/
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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